Made Up… [But Not My Mind]

Alrighty. It’s down to the last 4 days!!! As you are all painfully aware, everything to date has been carefully planned and selected; from the venues to my dress, right down to the colour of straws!

The outstanding decision that I’m still fighting myself with is: MAKEUP!

And after my trial on Saturday I think I came away more undecided than before I went…

“Yes”, I thought “I’ll go the traditional pink cheeks, natural eyes and a cutesy lip”.

Mmm. Didn’t seem to strike me as…’me’.

On all accounts it was fine,

[and let me just insert a shameless little plug here… CHIC ARTISTRY! Check them out! Seriously the best in the industry – you can see some of their work in White magazine OR their facey page]

but there has to be some reason I’m still awake til all hours, googling celebrity looks and trying to pinpoint what it is that grabs my attention.

boldness. It’s got to be that?!

Would I dare?

O P I N I O N S A P P R E C I A T E D!

[Crikey, I feel like this is a real life case of the BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL!] Di xo


Deep breath annnnnnnnnnd go:

Reception finalised, programs begun,
makeup sorted and hair trial done.
The dress is perfect as are the girls’
even dropped off our flowergirl pearls!

My chest is hurting, and head a mess
Not sure why, but I think it’s called stress!
Vows are in the works, as is my speech
If Stu doesn’t write his, I’m going to screech!

Still stuck on gifts, for the bridal party,
(And stuck on the thought of wanting to flee!)
Soon enough the ‘sleeps’ become one
After that, I’m just ready for fun.

Between flowers, cupcakes and cute decorations,
I’m more than ready for a good vacation!
Thank goodness that part was left off my list,
Or it might have been something that was missed.

Beneath it all, I’m more than excited
To get to the altar and be the ones highlighted.
But it has taken a lot of energy and skill you see,
So much work for a bride-to-be!

To get to the point… at the end of the day,
And hold the hand of Stu to say:
“Hello husband, and soul-mate-for-life;
Let’s go about and give the world strife”

Our adventures will be great
and smiles broad,
Just a glimpse of that today,
is my reward.

[Crikey, …I’ve got nothing else!] Di xo

Crowne Bride

So. Next came the dilemma of where to stay the night before the wedding… and then of course, where to get ready the morning of. Ho Hum.

There were a few options floating around, until it finally became – the Crowne Plaza.

Oh yes.

I imagine waking up with my girls [no doubt squealing], followed by tears, followed by jumping on the bed. Then we would don our fluffy white robes and make our way to the breakfast bar… only to be too nervous to eat.

Move on to the champers!

Then using the secret knock, we’ll welcome the loveliest, most amazing hairdressers [Stu’s sisters] into our room to tame our locks, and using the secret password, we’ll welcome the make up artist within for the face transformation to begin!

Finally, when I’ve been made to look presentable enough, we’ll slide elegantly into our dresses, and swan down the stairs and out the front of the Crowne doors, where our stretch Chrysler awaits, to whisk us off to the ceremony.

Oh. My.

[Crikey, this is all happening in just 13 days!] Di xo

Butterflies… already?

The last few days, I’ve felt a bit flutter-ish. It’s the same feeling I used to get in school, when I was next in line to do a speech in class>> A.K.A: Stage fright.

The part I keep re-playing in my head is the arrival of ‘us girls’ and the heads of all our guests instantly snapping our way. Gah.

Then the first step out of the car… groan.

Then the assembly of everyone as we commence the aisle procession…. God help me.

Then the hundred pairs of eyes, glued to your every move as you walk past them.



That was the sound of me passing out. Why, oh why did I agree to this?!?!  

The idea of marriage doesn’t scare me at all – or I wouldn’t be doing it. Knowing that everyone is going to be there watching us, does!!!

‘They’ say you should imagine everyone naked. Tried that. All I’m left with is a picture of Uncle Barry standing there nude, smiling at me.  

‘They’ say it’s everyone you love and know… Thought about that. Then remembered I felt a lot calmer about strutting in a bikini in front of 200+ strangers at Fashion Week, than I do in a wedding dress in front of people I know!

Anyway, I’m sure when I’m in the moment and see Stu standing at the other end, everyone else will fade into the background.

Cue cheesy violin.

[Crikey, champagne better be of some assistance!] Di xo

In sickness… and in health

I’ve never really been in the situation where I haven’t been able to go to an event because I’ve been sick.  

With only a month to go, all the possibilities have run through my head, like: fronting up at the altar with glassy eyes and a red nose… honking on a tissue the whole day… shivering with the aches and pains even though it’s meant to be a beautiful day. [Although, I probably will have red eyes and be honking in a tissue from the overwhelming emotion!].

So, strike me dead and call me ‘zilla, but if I catch any little germies off ANYONE between now and The Best Day Ever…

I simply quit.


Seriously though, I refuse to be sick! I refuse to have put in all this hard effort in the months leading up and then remember the day as being tired, or achey, or having even a slightest sniffle! Stu was sick as a dog at the engagement party [and had just come off 4 nightshifts!] which wasn’t much for him!

Please don’t be offended if we keep low profiles over the next 30 days – we’ll both be hibernating with tubs of Vitamin C tablets and bowl upon bowl of chicken soup…


[Crikey, where’d I put my SARS mask?] Di xo

Pro Pose

Photo posing: It’s hard not to after you’ve seen the ugly snap shots of the double chin you sport at the wrong angle, or the goofy grin that’s unknowingly managed to spread across your face.

You know, the pose that is instinctively produced upon the announcement of ‘smiiile!’ exclaimed by someone with possession of a camera… the exact positioning of your head, the placement of your limbs… the way in which you smile?

I’ve heard of people practicing their wedding smiles in the mirror and I can completely understand why!! Some people might think it’s ridiculous and over the top… but I don’t know. I can see some validity to it. After all, your wedding day is the biggest celebrity-like day you’re most likely to endure. Think about it – paid photographers, amateur guest photographers – all papping away from every which angle.


So Stuey… here’s to the next 6 weeks dedicated to perfecting our wedding smiles.


I’m glad you love me. Because I’m actually being serious.

[Crikey. Now… is it pictures are best taken from above nose height… or???] Di xo

Preposterous Priests!

As we’re having an outdoor ceremony, the closest thing they could probably offer as the ‘celebrant that comes with the venue’ would be the gardener…. Mmmmmmm #nothanksnewcastlecitycouncil!

So we were left to our own devices to scout for the person who would marry us – which I feel is something particularly important, on a particularly important day! Without many other alternatives, what we came up with was:

(a). A hired celebrant, who’d be no more than a stranger and probably get our names wrong. Ekkkk.

(b.) A priest… well he’d probably take one look at Stu’s tattooed arm [and not to forget his now tattooed hand!] and try to cast demons out of us. Shudder.

But guess what – instead of a prepestorous priest or a stranger celebrant, we have the priviledge of having the most genuine, kind and humble human being we know – Stuart Chadban – to marry us!

We absolutely cannot wait! It was such a huge blessing that he agreed to lead us through our vows and join us in marriage!

Now is the task of going through the vows and making them our own. Having read through the traditional ones a few times, it strikes me how powerful those words actually are! A life-long promise that I am SO looking forward to making.

[Crikey, Stu Chadban – here’s hoping you don’t forget our names! Haha…] Di xo

Something old…

On the morning of my Nan and Grandad’s wedding some 70 years ago, Grandad presented Nana with a small white box and a handwritten note which read:

“To my darling Beryl, wishing you every wish you wish on your self on our day and each and every day there after, Love Ray”

Inside the box was a cameo necklace on a gold chain for her to wear that day. Nan’s dress didn’t quite accommodate the necklace (due to her high-neck, lace feature) so she took it off the chain and pinned it to her dress, right over her heart.

There wasn’t a time I heard this story and didn’t think it was the most beautiful tale of old fashioned romance my ears had heard.  

There’d been many times as a young girl that Nan and I would sit and go through her jewells, one by one. It was only every now and then that the cameo was taken out… it was too precious for the ordinary.

Last year, for the very last time that I would ever sit down and do this with Nan, we reached the small white box. She gingerly lifted it from its place and opened the lid. Right there on top, was the handwritten note. Creased and starting to brown but the blue ink was still vibrant, just like the memory Nan had of receiving it. I could tell just by looking at her face.

She took the cameo and placed it around my neck. I’d never actually tried it on before. She did up the clasp and stood back to admire it. She proceeded to take my face in her hands and kiss me on the forehead… then gently whispered in my ear;

“I hope that one day you’ll wear this on your wedding day… Grandad would have loved that”.

After Nan passed away just the other week, I received the small white box. I’ll be thinking of her when I wear it on October 12.

Pinned to my dress….

right over my heart.

[Crikey, I really do live in a fairytale] Di xo